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Since 2006 CadEnhance has sought to provide the best products and services for electrical engineers looking to automate the circuit design process, including:

  • Schematic symbol generation for FPGAs and ASICs

  • Schematic generation and support for easier and more efficient use of hierarchy

  • Schematic checking

  • NetList / BOM comparison

  • Customized exports from Cadence® Allegro® Design Entry HDL

  • Automate the compilation or packaging of hierarchical designs

  • Integration with Product Lifecycle Management systems such as Agile, Arena, and others


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Founder and President


Bill O’Leary

Bill has been involved in the electronics industry since 1987. During that time, he has completed over 100 complex board designs. Over the course of his career, he has written dozens of utilities to automate steps in the circuit design process from the development of the system architecture to shipment of hardware.



Rutgers University
College of Engineering
BSEE, 1987