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Concisely document differences in NetLists and Bills of Materials.


Compare Design Revisions

NetBom compares the differences between two revisions of an Allegro®, OrCAD®, or Mentor® design and provides a concise, intuitive summary of all the changes in the BOM and NetLists. The reports are invaluable at a design review to prove that all required changes were made and no surprises exist.


NetList Difference Reports

These reports show:

  • Added nets

  • Deleted nets

  • Renamed nets

  • Nets with added pins

  • Nets with deleted pins

  • Pins on new nets

  • Nets with property differences

  • Pins with property differences


NetBom shows a NetList Difference Report

BOM Difference Reports

These reports show:

  • Part number quantity changes

  • Reference designator part number changes

  • Deleted reference designators

  • Added reference designators

  • Reference designators with different part numbers

  • Part number change summary

  • Same part numbers with property differences (you control which properties are important)


NetBom shows a BOM Difference Report


NetList and PartList Conversion

NetBom can also be used to convert an existing NetList and PartList to a spreadsheet format that’s much easier for users to read.

  • Convert NetLists to RINF format or CSV NetList summary

  • Convert PartLists/BOMs to spreadsheet (you control the fields and order included in the spreadsheet)


Converted NetList by NetBom

Converted PartList by NetBom


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