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Each download file contains all CadEnhance tools including PartBuilder, CE-HDL, NetBom, and Schematic Checker. As part of PartBuilder, you get a free-forever Symbol Viewer that allows you to view symbols with properties and pins.

Click below to download the file package for your operating system, then install and request a license to run the tools. After we receive your request for a license, we’ll email you your license files and you’ll get a free 30-day trial for all CadEnhance tools.

If you need an older version, please click here.

Installation Instructions

Version Info

Clicking this button will download an .exe file that contains all CadEnhance tools.
Clicking this button will download a .tgz file that contains all CadEnhance tools.

PartBuilder Sample Parts


We provide a free collection of sample parts for PartBuilder so you can start learning to work with the tool.

Clicking this button will download a .zip file that contains sample parts for PartBuilder.

FlexNet Publisher


FlexNet Publisher is a software license manager from Flexera™ Software that implements license management and is intended to be used in corporate environments to provide floating licenses to multiple end users of computer software.

We have provided links to download these tools here as a convenience. In many cases, the customer will already have these tools installed in-house.

Flexera Terms.


lmadmin Installer

This installs the lmadmin tool, which provides a GUI interface to control all aspects of the CENHANCE.exe Daemon.

Archives Installer

This installs the following Flexera tools: lmgrd, lmtools, lmutil, lmdiag, lmstat, lmhostid, and lmver.

CadEnhance Daemon

This is the CadEnhance Vendor Daemon compiled for the appropriate OS. The x32 Daemons will typically work with the x64 servers, but the reverse is not true.


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