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We recommend the following tools and tutorials for use alongside our software and for continuous EDA education.


An Intro to Regular Expressions

Most of us have used wildcards to find files matching “*.txt.” Regular Expressions are like wildcards on steroids. Knowing how they work will improve your use of CadEnhance tools and will spill over to help you in your everyday engineering tasks.

This Tutorial is a great place to get started.

A Free PDF to Excel Converter

Converting pages of PDF data sheets to spreadsheets is a great way to get started using PartBuilder to extract pin data. This website offers a way to upload your PDF file, select a range of pages to convert, and then it will provide a link for you to download a spreadsheet containing the extracted data. If your company is very security conscious, they offer a tool for a nominal fee that you can run locally on your own servers so your sensitive data stays in house.

Go to the converter.


Tools for PCB and IC Package Designers

Go to dalTools


A Circuit Diagram Resource for Comic Relief

From the genius mind of Randall Munroe at

Comic courtesy of, click to enlarge